Just joined today!! excited and a little scared
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    Default Just joined today!! excited and a little scared

    Hi, I just joined today. I have a 9 year old boy that just began homeschooling last February. I choosed the first levels so he would get accostumed to the system and to reinforce things he may be having trouble with. Di you think this may be a good idea? I have a lot to learn before we get started. I´m hoping my kids account will be ready by tomorrow so we can get started. Any advice will be apretiated.

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    Hi there Lizeth ver a. Welcome to the forums and to time4learning. Some people like to go through and just do the chapter tests. If their child is doing well, they skip to the next chapter. If they struggle with the material, they go back over the lessons leading up to that test. You might want to read the getting started guide. Also check out the forum for your state.
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