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    Wink Just New Here...

    Been homeschooling my son for a year now. Now entering 2nd. I've tried text books, other online learning and work books. After much hesitation, I finally gave T4L a try and it is great for him! I don't know if he's ADD or not but he's easily distracted and bored and does great in other subjects BUT language arts. It's been a nightmare. So far I can tell he is responding MUCH better to T4L and I love how you can change the grade level for individual subjects! Loving T4L so much that I plan on starting my daughter with it next year for preschool.
    Although T4L seems light in Science and Social Studies, we have other sources (like our wonderful local library). T4L is making Math and Language Arts much easier this year for us. Glad I finally joined.

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    Hello and welcome! So glad to hear that your son is enjoying Time4Learning! At the lower level, the social studies and science activities are just considered a bonus. BUT...did you know that you can get K-3 science from Science4Us for free? You just need to activate it in your parent dashboard.
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    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    In addition to Science4Us, which Katie mentioned above, I want to make sure you've noticed that all of the language arts extensions are designed around science and social studies theme. The first lesson in each theme is actually a science or social studies lesson, covering things like number of legs on an insect, difference between insects and spiders, how to read a map and compass, and lots more.

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