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    Talking Just started today!

    Hi, I've been looking into t4l for a couple weeks now and finally signed up last night. The kids tried it out for the first time today and absolutely loved it! I'm so glad that this program is in place, this is the first year that I'm doing homeschooling for more than pre-school... I have a ten and a half year old son (who did get homeschooled for pre-school oh so many years ago), a seven year old daughter, and a four (well will be on the 13th) year old baby girl. We were considering homeschool due to the sad state of public schooling and the ability to handle any child with ADHD or health problems and when my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness three months ago I went into high gear to get this put together. Since we'll be doing a lot of traveling this year and attempting to make the most fun ever out of it I decided that the kids would do best with some kind of curriculum that we could take with us electronically instead of with heavy books. I love the fact that I can write out all my lesson plans (with an easy break-up of how many lessons per week per subject) all in advance and not have to worry about it - or if I lose it be able to pull up my saved file (or printed copy!).
    I only enrolled the older two children for now, with plans to enroll the pre-schooler in spring, because my pre-schooler is slightly developmentally delayed with small motor movement (the mouse useage) and has a few vision issues. Everyone is all excited and after mapping out a few weeks we've discovered that this should work out very well for us leaving most afternoons mainly free for nature walks and hands-on/real-life experiences. Between this and the very real geography they'll be learning from traveling I think that even my "high-definition" (his term for his ADHD) son will be drawn to learn more and more each day without becoming bored.
    Thank all of you who put this whole program together, you have no idea just how much of a lifesaver you are to family's like mine!!!

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    Welcome to Time4Learning. I'm so glad it's working out for you. I also have a ten year old son. We have always homeschooled and have always used Time4Learning. But we also do lots and lots of hands on learning at local historical sites, environmental centers, and a local art museum. This is a great way to learn.

    I am sorry to hear of your husband's illness. But I agree that homeschooling is the best way to go during a time like this. We homeschooled throughout my cancer treatments. On the days when I was just too sick to help him with the lessons, he watched educational videos so he was still getting some learning. We have a wonderful homeschool group that would come and pick him up for playdates and different activities so he didn't miss out on them.

    Best wishes on your journey.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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