learning struggles with insurance not covering, not dual enrolled
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    Default learning struggles with insurance not covering, not dual enrolled

    Hello everyone...I am hoping someone out there has perhaps experienced what we have. Two of my boys have some severe learning struggles. I currently have them in Speech Language Therapy. At first insurance said they would cover. Now they will not because they want us to submit an IEP, they want state to help my boys first. I am not in the school system in any way...hence I don't have access to an IEP. I do not want to dual enroll the boys, unsure of my next steps. Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar?
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: learning struggles with insurance not covering, not dual enrolled

    In my state, to homeschool my son with special needs, I have the option of asking the school district to prepare an IEP or preparing a PDP (Parent Developed Plan) myself. I chose to write a PDP and just used IEPs I found online as inspiration. Whenever I have been asked for my son's IEP, I just give them the PDP I wrote.

    I peeked at your profile and it looks like you are in Iowa. I see that, in Iowa, you can only access special services from the school district (such as an IEP) if you are enrolled in the school system. Since homeschooling is legal in your state, I don't see how the insurance company can require you to enroll in the public school system. I think I would prepare my own IEP (just like you prepare all educational documents for your child) and submit that to the insurance company and see what they say. Make sure it looks professional and they may not even question it.

    If they decline it, tell them homeschooling is legal in Iowa and your child does not have access to an IEP prepared by public schools, since he/she isn't enrolled in public school. Draw a comparison: Would they insist on a public school prepared IEP for a child who was enrolled in private school?

    I am not an attorney! I'm just a homeschool mom who has fought for her own kids' rights for over 20 years, so keep that in mind when reading the above.

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