lil ole lady who lived in a shoe
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    Default lil ole lady who lived in a shoe

    That was actually written about me- ok, possibly not-
    I've four kids-amazing at best and pretty cool at their worst.
    17, 15, 13, and 10
    I'm now homeschooling-I've pulled the 13 yr old from school and depending on how it goes-will also pull my youngest.
    If anyone has any tips or advice- please share.

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    Hi there, and welcome! LOVED your intro.

    My advice would be to give yourselves a chance to "de-school" and not to try to necessarily recreate a classroom at home. It can take a while to really wrap your head around a change like going from public school to homeschool.

    Here is a great Welcome to Homeschooling guide. It can a be a wonderful resource for new homeschoolers. There's also this Hints and Help page if you wanted to learn more about the T4L program (navigating the site, using the lesson plans, etc).

    Please join your state homeschool group as well; you may be able to meet other homeschoolers that are local to you. It's also a good place to try and keep up with homeschooling activities and happenings in your state.

    Good luck, and enjoy this great new adventure! Looking forward to seeing you around...
    Coffee drinker, gadget addict, proud geek.
    Accidentally homeschooling since 2005!

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