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    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well, and I'm glad I managed to find this forum with a brief search; browsing the forums' post history and resources makes it out to be a pretty stellar site with a rock solid community, and given the position I'm in that's exactly what I'm in need of now. My younger brother is severely mentally disabled; he's clinically retarded, autistic, bi-polar schizophrenic, and has numerous behavioral issues that have plagued him for twelve years. He has more diagnoses and medications than I can actually remember without looking at all the formal papers listing them. He's been in and out of hospitals and psychiatric centers and doctor's offices for a decade now, and the current consensus is that he's not going to improve.

    Needless to say, these issues are not ones easily addressed by a loving, devoted family, let alone a public school system that lacks the resources and education required to properly handle him. And thanks to a recent move we were forced into, he can't even attend the public school he's been with for the last few years and grown used to and friendly with, forced to go to a further away one where he knows none of the teachers or other students if he wants to continue with the school experience. In the wake of this upset, my mother decided to homeschool him. She's quite new to all of this, though, and extremely nervous and unsure of herself; school has failed my brother, and she's not sure she's up to doing any better. Honestly, I'm not sure she can, even with my help -- but I am going to help, it's the only option available and the kid needs everything he can get.

    He's technically in fifth grade but barely functions at a first grade level in all relevant fields. Our plan so far is to start with the basics, and run him through a very elementary curriculum ourselves to try and guide him through it. The problem with that, though.. well, we're not exactly sure what the fundamentals that he needs to learn are. That's the reason I'm here today. Is there any information anyone can offer, words of wisdom or support? The essentials are what we need the most here, the newbie's guide to cultivating a disabled child's mind. Thank you in advance for any help!

    For reference's sake, we're in northern New York, I'm twenty-two, my brother is twelve, and my mother's able to focus on teaching him full time. I'll be chipping in wherever I can.

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    First let me say Welcome to Time4learning.com. Where grade levels really dont' matter!!!! It all is where your child is able to do the work that matters!!!! Your plan sounds great. Take a chance to look at some other forums that might also help you out. One is the New York forum and the Special Needs Forum. Both will have lots of info for you.

    You sound like you are on the right track and blessings on you and your adventure.
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