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    Hello out there!

    Iíve joined this community in hopes of getting some direction. Im totally lost on what I should be doing right now and I need some help from other home schooling parents.

    Ive been teaching my son, Collin, math and reading since he was about 2yrs old. He picked everything up super quick and easy which made the whole thing tons of fun for both of us. Fast forward to now and heís an energetic 5yr old who doesnít like learning as much as he did before. Heís also absolutely spoiled rotten, being the only baby born into the family within the last 25 years. Heís a very loved little turd.

    He was enrolled for a time in preschool last year but I pulled him out due to an overly touchy teacher who took an unusual likeing to my son... it was downright creepy. And being the spoiled brat he is, he threw terrible tantrums when he didnít get his way. Plus When they tested him he placed on a third grade level for everything.

    Which brings me to my problem. I have no idea where to go from here. I want to home school him because kindergarten would be below where he is acidemincally, and it seems he learns better with the one on one teaching. But at the same time heís an only child and needs the socialization school offers. He doesnít have any friends to play with and learn from. And to top it all off, he has a fatal nut allergy, so Iím scared to send him to any camps or kids gathering where I have to leave him in someone elseís care for a long period of time.

    Im just lost right now and need some advise. None of my friends have children yet and heís the first baby born with a fatal allergy in the family so no one knows what to do. Weíve almost lost him twice so itís scary for everyone to think about letting him out of our sight. And his father is away for work most of the time so Iím stuck making all the decisions and plans by myself. And I hate to say it, but Iím reaching my breaking point. I want whatís best for my son, and I hope my fear isnt blinding me to what I should be doing for him.

    Thank your for reading and any advice is extremely appreciated!

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    Default Re: Lost Mom

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. If you feel your child doesn't belong in a traditional school setting due to his allergies and problems with the school personnel, then keep him home.

    "Lack of socialization" for homeschoolers has not been a problem for my kids. I keep an open-door and open-refrigerator policy around here. They are always free to bring a friend home from any of their various activities, and they often do. Your child can participate in Scouting, 4H, community classes or clubs (check with your library or parks and rec), and faith-based activities like VBS if that is something you do. Don't focus on "kids his age". Expose him to all ages of people and allow him to develop relationships with the people he "clicks" with, regardless of their age. Public schooled children quickly become peer-dependent, which means they can only relate to people their own age. Homeschooled students don't have to become like that.

    Is there a homeschool co-op in your area? If not, consider starting one! Here is how ours works: Each family, regardless of size, pays twenty dollars per year to join. This is used for a beginning-of-the-year get-together and an end-of-the-year celebration/graduation. One person manages our email list and website so everyone knows what's going on (the secretary). Another collects and distributes money (the treasurer). A third keeps track of most other things (the president), like who is going to be in charge of the activity each week.

    Every Friday, a different family is responsible for "the program", which runs from 2-4 PM. Dates are assigned in the summer, and our programs begin in September. Families might choose to teach how to do something (one mom helped the kids sew an apron, another taught some introductory sign language, a third brought materials to make a birdhouse, and still another brought a few of the family pets so the kids could compare lizards and hamsters). They also might choose a social activity, like "meet at the park and bring any softball equipment you have" or they might reserve a meeting room at the library where we have a Valentine exchange and cupcakes. The planned activities are posted a month in advance, and no one is obligated to attend anything. You show up for the ones that interest your family. We have about thirty families in our small-town group.

    Anyway, don't let "socialization" worry you. No one can tell my kids are homeschooled when they meet them. Many of mine have grown into successful adults, who are not "weird".

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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