Lost in the Public School System of Common Core...
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    Unhappy Lost in the Public School System of Common Core...

    My 9 year old son just passed the third grade reading test, however, several days ago I gave him an assessment of my own and found that so much focus has been placed on preparing for the common core cult that my son struggles to tell time on an analog clock, he hardly knows how to borrow and carry in math, volume measurements are a foreign concept, and he does not know an inch from a centimeter. However, he will be passed to the fourth grade because he is reading on a second grade level rather than a first grade level which would be cause for retention. I cannot homeschool, sadly, but I am going to do my best to get him caught up over this summer, ambitious I know, but he really is a smart kid and he's gonna prove that to himself this summer if he learns nothing else!

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    Ladysteelman, Time4Learning is a great bridge program for summer and is not just for homeschooling. Since your son will have access to the grade you register him for, the one before, and the one above, there will be a wealth of information for him to work through on his way to catching up! Let us know how things go
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