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    Smile MommaOf4 from S.E. VA

    Hello Everyone,

    My husband was homeschooled and I always wanted to be homeschooled. For us we knew that we would always homeschool our kiddos. Even though some days are rather tough, we wouldn't do it any other way. We have used T4L for 1 year now and it works well for us. I am now starting to plan next school year as this one winds down. After the last 3 years I have realized a lot of what works for us and what doesn't. We will be schooling all year round with larger breaks in between. I have signed up for this forum because I think it could help when the school gets tough and to meet other homeschoolers in our area.

    And awaaaay we go!!

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    Default Re: MommaOf4 from S.E. VA

    I absolutely love your username!

    Kudos to you for reevaluating and making changes. I've homeschooled 24 years and JUST when I think I have everything figured out my kids TEACH ME differently! LOL

    Seriously, as you know the beauty of homeschooling is having the freedom to make adjustments to find what works best for your family and your child. Each is unique!

    Best wishes and feel free to share anytime here!

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