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    Hi everyone,I'm kind of new to all this and it concernces me if i'm going to be able to give my son what he needs. I tried homeschooling once before with K-12,but that wasnt working. So here i'am and so far i love this program. Through public school my son was being pushed through to grades he wasn't even ready for because of the no child left behind. My son has been in special ed for most of his life until this year they pushed him through to jr.high and he was so overwhelmed i was just crying my eyes out. I'm not sure exactly if i'm doing things right on here, but i'm not giving up. So any advice would be greatly apprciated. I'm from Idaho.

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    Hello and welcome! I'm so sorry that you and your son have had problems with the public schools. I don't know if you are talking about a virtual school using K12, or using it independently. It's a great program, but if you buy it on your own it's SOOOO expensive! Too expensive for my family, unfortunately. If you tried it using a virtual school, it's not like homeschooling as much as it's like doing public school at home. Not a lot of flexibility with the schedule, and your child (ren) have to still kinda do what the public school system is telling them to do. :/

    I'm sure your worried and overwhelmed, we all get that way sometimes, but you're going to be fine! It's hard to do things wrong with T4L, lol, it's so user friendly. It's flexible, so you can change your son's grade level around if needs to, you can keep your own schedule...we've been using it for almost 6 years now.

    Here is a Welcome to Homeschooling guide you might find helpful. Even if you've tried homeschooling before, there's some great info in there. There's also this Hints and Help page which is a fantastic tool for learning more about the T4L program, navigating the site, using the lesson plans, etc. I would like to invite you to join the Idaho homeschool forum we have here, and ask you to peak around on some of the other threads on the boards here (like the the special needs forum) to meet other homeschoolers and see how they use T4L for their families.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have have. Good luck, try to not to worry and enjoy this exciting new time for you and your son...
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