New 2 time 4 Learning, Hello Everyone
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    Default New 2 time 4 Learning, Hello Everyone

    I am just getting started, Daughter in 7th grade, took her out first of the year (2012).
    trying to set up a schedule. Are there any parents in or have gone through 7th grade T4L out there. Any suggestions, please

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    I went thru the 7th grade with my oldest 2 years ago. So here is what we did with him...
    On T4L he did~ 2 LA 2LA ext and 2 math everyday, he also did the science and history as he wanted to.
    We also did writing (via Time4writing) and spelling (via Spelling City) also we did Story of the world (as a group) , extra science experiments were thru Supercharged Science. He also had Tae Kwon Do and Music lessons as well. I hope that this helps...

    Here are some links to help you navigate T4L which I found helpful in the beginning
    Hints and Helps
    Getting Started Using Time4Learning
    You might also want to check out the TN state forum. It's a great place to meet folks in your state and perhaps find some who are not too far from you.
    I recommend looking over Time4Learning's free "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide for all new homeschoolers, for anyone who is just starting out.
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    Hi there! We are going through 7th grade now with my oldest. We also use SpellingCity for spelling, vocabulary and even handwriting. For science, history, social studies, etc., we use a lot of books, videos (believe it or not YouTube has some great science stuff, lol), the Internet, field trips...stuff like that. There is a genuine interest in those subjects so he really enjoys finding different ways to explore science and history.

    As far as the T4L lessons, we do the same as Michelle...2 LA, 2LA Ext (although sometimes just 1, depending on what else was going on that day) and 2 math. The science and social studies are done whenever, and usually gone through more than once, lol.
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