New to Florida New to Homeschooling - a little stressed :{ have a senior!
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    Default New to Florida New to Homeschooling - a little stressed :{ have a senior!

    Good morning! We just moved all the way to Florida from Maine and are starting to homeschool vs public school. I have an 18 year old senior, 15 year old Freshman and 12 Year old in 7th grade. I began Time 4 Learning yesterday with the younger two and love it.!

    My major question right now is that I am unsure what my senior really needs to do at this point or can she receive her diploma and graduate based on what she has done already? I have her transcript from the public school and looking for help from someone certified to make the call on what direction to head with her.

    I am very excited to spend more time with my kids and less money as well as stress worrying about them all day at school. However I am a little uneasy if I am following all the steps needed to do everything just right from home. Thanks for your help and guidance.


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    Hi Sara. Welcome to the forums. You may get better answers to this question if you ask it in your state forum. You could also check out the high school forum. There are also some great resources on the website Let's Homeschool high School. I hope this gives you a few places to start looking. Many students that age begin taking college classes at a local community college.

    Unless your student attends a distance learning center or other accredited program they are not going to get a high school diploma. That's why many people start taking community college classes. Some colleges accept students as young as 15 for one or two courses at a time. By the time they are ready to transfer to a four year college they have enough hours that the four year will accept them with no problems even without a high school diploma. Or your child could take a GED test. These are questions that are best answered by someone in your state who has been there already.
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