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    My name is Theresa and I'm homeschooling my oldest who is a sixth grader and of course I have no idea what I am doing and the only thing i can think is.....don't.....mess....this....up!!!! So I'm here on the forum to soak up as much as I can

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    Hi Theresa, and welcome! You aren't alone in your worries about messing up, lol. We all have been there. Some of us stay there, no matter how long we've been homeschooling.

    There are so many great people on the forums here! Veterans (many that have graduated their homeschoolers!) that are always willing to share their experiences, even new homeschoolers who are willing to share what they have found that has and/or hasn't worked for them. Make sure you poke around, and join in on any conversations you can. You can also join the Texas homeschool group, where you might find some homeschoolers that are local to you.

    If you need any tips about homeschooling, you can check out this Welcome to Homeschooling guide. It's got a lot of great info in it, but it's not overwhelming or hard to get through. There's also our Hints and Help page that can tell you more about using T4L, the lesson plans, navigating the site, etc.

    Always feel free to ask any questions you may have! Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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