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    Hello, my name s Walter. I am a homeschooling DAD. You heard it right. So much is always geared to moms, but I know there has to be more than one homeschooling dad around. I was disabled in an accident in 2002, so we chose to homeschool our children as I would be home with them. My sons are 5, and almost 4, and my daughter is 2. I did enroll my oldest into Kindergarden this year, lasted two days. I was a wreck. Never allow yourself to be talked out of what God told you to do, and anyone who down plays homeschooling needs to do their research first.

    Anyway, his start date will be September 8th, and finish date will be June 19th or sooner, as long as I get all 36 weeks in. Oh yeah, I am in NJ, 32 in September, and happily married.

    Rambling on again, I am currently scrambling putting my curriculum plan together. I like books...Sonlight, I like hands on...Timberdoodle, and I like workbooks, A Bekka. I am doing what I was told not to by the school I enrolled him in for 2 days. Not that I am doing it on purpose, but I want my children to have a well rounded education. If I can make my lesson plans, then why not include the best of all worlds. After all my 5 year old seemed to know more then all the children that were never homeschooled Not being prideful, maybe just a little! Anyway, looking for advice, friends, and things to do with my babies in NJ.

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    Welcome! We enjoy having homeschooling Dads among our number, you sometimes provide a viewpoint we didn't see coming! I hope that since you are on this forum you are also going to give the Time4Learning curriculum a chance! I will tell you that you will be amazed at how well young children do on Time4Learning because they love the interaction, the color, the movement…keep in mind that successful homeschooling is not only paying attention to your teaching style, but also your child’s learning style. Trust me when I tell you that if your style and your child’s style can’t meet in some happy place it means a bit of head butting! (I have a 13 year old daughter, so we have a lot of head butting anyway!)
    It is good for you too because it does not require too much planning on your part, the lessons are already planned and the records are kept. It sure allows you to spend more time with your children instead of planning to spend time with them!
    At any rate, we are glad to have you here, if you have questions please feel free to ask. You may also want to check out your state group. Here is the link for the New Jersey State Forum. I’m sure they will be a wealth of information and support for homeschooling in NJ.
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