new to forum. question about ipad use
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    Default new to forum. question about ipad use

    Hi, my name is Cass. My dd has been using the site for the past few months and enjoys learning from it. However, she prefers using my iphone because of the touch interface. We have looked into different tablets but I honestly like the ipad the best (we are an apple family). Sadly, they don't allow flash. Has anyone used the icloud app with their ipad? Does it work well enough with the t4l program or are there a lot of issues? Should I just stick with an android based tablet? I would love any information about this. Thanks!

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    We are gadget junkies here, hardcore. We have multiple tablets. I love my iPad. It's my baby. Best gadget EVER. Except for that pesky no flash thing. :/ I have not yet tried the iCloud solution for flash. The hubs tried an app called Skyfire on his iPad, and he said it did work alright with flash. We didn't try T4L on there though...I need to, just so I know how it does. When he first downloaded the app, it was new and glitchy. It's had several updates now, so one would think that many of the bugs have been worked out. While he and I have iPads, both of my boys have android tablets. I do have to admit, while I would recommend an iPad to anyone looking for a GREAT tablet, their android tablets run T4L very smoothly, and without the need for a special app. There are a few other advantages to android tablets as well; like the fact that many of them have expandable storage space and the ability to drag and drop files (ebooks, music, movies, etc) without having to sync to iTunes. Androids are compatible with a wider variety of file types too.

    We are a mixed bag here. PCs all the way. But I love all of my iGadgets almost as much as kids. Androids are useful and not even remotely a waste of money, lol.

    So after all that, I don't know that I was actually ANY help, but I hope I was.
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    Hi Daofgoofy, I don't have an ipad or an iphone but I wanted to welcome you to come over to the New York Parent Forum. I'm the moderator over there. I love meeting new members.
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    We are basically a PC family, but I will tell you my daughter got a cheapo android table in July. It will play the straight text lessons really well, but if the lesson as movement or sound attached to it, it does not play smoothly on the tablet. Sometimes it will not play on the tablet at all. I don't know if that is an android glitch, or a flash glitch/imcompatability, or if it is just that the tablet was cheap! Just thought I would add that for any who might be considering tablets for doing T4L. I honestly don't think it is a T4L glitch.
    Just my 2 cents....
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