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    Smile New to the forum, from Washington State

    Greetings fellow Home schoolers. I am a home schooling mom who uses both the ACE(Accelerated Christian Education)program and Time 4 learning. Actually I am using Time 4 learning to catch up my nephew, whom, through various family reasons, has been un educated for two years. Yep, he hasn't had any school for two years. He got lazy, and now is feeling it and desires to learn, I think. Still working out the attitude, but he is working and no matter how little it is, he's doing it, which is amazing. I am glad his dad is taking the chance with me and trusting our choice to useTime 4 Learning. He is actually enjoying it very much. He's a 7th grader. The only down side is that he doesn't have a computer so he has to walk 45 minutes to the library from his house. I work with him just 3 days a week. His family is very neglectful, and although they want him to be educated they won't take responsibility over it. It's heart breaking. Thank you time 4 learning for creating a program that excites him.

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    Hi there, and welcome! I applaud you for helping your sounds like his situation is a sad one. Having said that, it's wonderful that he has you to lean on and support him in this, and it's just fantastic that T4L is a program that is working for him! I hope you always feel comfortable asking any questions you have, and I hope that you will share your experiences and keep us posted on how things are going with you guys and your nephew.

    I would also like to invite you to join our Washington homeschool forum that we have here. It can be a great place to keep up with things going on in WA, but also might prove to be a good tool in meeting other members near you!

    Looking forward to seeing you around the boards...
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    WOW what a great aunt you are!! It breaks my heart to hear about kiddos that are not getting what they need out of school have to suffer along until someone LIKE YOU jumps in to help!!

    I used T4L for both my boys but it especially helped my oldest (now in 9th grade) when I pulled him out of the system. We had to go back two grades at first because he had soooo many learning gaps!! ((HUGS)) to you and your family! And hope to see you on the forums!
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