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    Default new to the group and home school

    Dear members,

    I am strongly thinking about home schooling my ninth grader although there are only 3 more months before the end of the school year. He is being bullied and has a lot of anxiety everyday he attends school. He can't take it anymore.

    Please help with any nuggets of information to get me started.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Yolanda, and welcome! I'm so sorry that your son is having problems...really, REALLY not wanting to attend school can be very depressing and difficult. It's wonderful that you are considering homeschooling him, to remove him from his bad situation.

    Unfortunately, this program only goes to 8th grade (I have been crossing my fingers for a while hoping that will change soon, as my oldest is in 7th grade and we CAN'T imagine not having this program in a couple of years, lol), but I would still recommend this Welcome to Homeschooling guide you can find on the site. I think it's helpful for all homeschoolers, or potential homeschoolers, regardless of grade levels. I would also make sure you understand the SC homeschool laws, just to know what it is expected of you.

    We do have a South Carolina homeschool forum here, you may meet other members local to you there. There is also a great general homeschooling questions forum. That might be the best place to connect with other members and asking what curriculum/program they have used or are using for high school.

    I hope all of that was at least a little helpful! Good luck!
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    So sorry to hear that he is being bullied, that is one of the reasons we pulled our boys out of the system as well. There is a great bunch of member on here and on another site I am on Secular Homeschool, that might be able to help you out more. With my 9th grader we are doing Spanish (with a tutor), animal biology on animals he is interested in, personal finance (he wants to start his own dog business) World History (thru a co-op), english/writing and spelling is a mix of animal reports and reading classic literature and coming up with his own questions for it. (we also are in Basketball and music) Along with a lot online help we are piecing it together Hope this helps!
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