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    Hello everyone, I am new to T4L. I am currently homeschooling my 15 years, 13 year old twins, 10 year old and my 7 year old. My 3 oldest do FLVS and my 2 youngest have just started on T4L. They are also doing Spelling city, and IXL.

    I am truly confused here. I hear so much about schedules but my whole reason for homeschooling was that I like my kids to work at there own pace. No schedules. They are all working above level so sticking them into a schedule will not work for us.

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    Welcome to Once you find what level your kids are at, that works and challenges your children. You can just choose to have them do a minimum lessons per day in each subject. This is what we have done. It keeps my son moving and in all subjects. If I just let him go free he will just do his favorite subject. Here is an example of what I mean...

    English - 2 lessons
    English Lang Ext. - 2 lessons
    Math - 2 lessons
    (This is just an example)
    If there is only 2 lessons in the little unit then he has to do the quiz the same day. If does his 6 lessons for the day and still wants to do more he can go back to his favorite subject, math and do more.

    Setting a minimum amount will help you make sure they get through the school year. Cause if your child only does 1 little lesson in the little unit they will not get done in a year.

    Kids can still move at their own pace. As they get older there are extra's in the lessons that need to be written out. I remember in the older grades my son had to write a paragraph here and there.

    Oh and there are also worksheets to print out on some things. You can use them in your day as well. But only as you want to. So many options!!!!

    Play around with it do what is write for each kid. You can get more ideas on the Members Chatting Using Time4Learning forum

    Good luck and welcome to time4learning.
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