New here from Arizona!
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    Default New here from Arizona!

    Hello! I am so excited about finding this school. My son, who is working here has Autism and Bi-Polar Disorder with other things on top of it, has struggled with so many other schools and curriculums, and here he is excited and can make it through the work so much easier. His happiness to be able to work through the assignments rather quickly, and still have the breaks he needs is wonderful for me. We have had so many problems that this is just so amazing. I just have to say thank you to whomever did this for a child like my son!

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    Hi LizzyBee, and welcome! I love reading how excited you and your son are! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and continue to share your experiences with us. Here are a couple of links you may find useful:

    Getting Started with Time4Learning
    Hints & Help - How to Use Time4Learning

    I saw that you found your way to the AZ state forum, and the Special Needs forum...that's great! Those are the two places I was going to recommend you introduce yourself in.

    Looking forward to seeing you around the boards...
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