New Here and Figuring It All Out
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    Default New Here and Figuring It All Out

    Hi ! I haven't had a chance to really read a lot of the forum posts, but thought I would introduce myself.

    My name is Laura, and we are Americans (Texas) currently living in the Netherlands. We have 2 daughters, ages 6 and 10. My 10 yo has ADHD and Dyslexia. We have lived here for the past year, and they go to an International School here. School was very difficult for my 10 year old last year, and the school is doing everything they can to help her, but they are a very small school (about 250 kids totals for grades preschool - 12th grade). It was suggested that we get a private tutor for her for a half day at least a couple of times a week for this next school year.

    Last year I had to go every single day up to the school after lunch and pull her out of class to go over the work she failed to complete (or sometimes even start) from that morning. That lasted a total of 4 months before the school was allowed to hire an aid teacher for the kids who needed special help (as the school is growing, so is the need for a teacher/aid like this). The Dutch school system is great here in the Netherlands, and they have fantastic resources for kids who are special needs - but they are 100% Dutch schools, and we don't speak Dutch fluently enough for them to be of use to us at this time.

    Since homeschooling is illegal and not allowed here in the Netherlands, I started looking into various programs that I thought could help her bring up her grade level (she's at least 2 grades behind). A friend of mine is homeschooling her son, and I asked what she was using and she introduced me to T4L. I signed up a couple of days ago, and have been looking into the materials.

    Since my kids will be going to school, I will be using this program primarily for extra tutoring, and a resource to help fill in the gaps of her already acquired learning.

    I'm sure I will be back with loads of questions as I really start navigating this site. I am looking forward to seeing what this program can do for my daughter!

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    Default Re: New Here and Figuring It All Out

    Hi, Laura! Welcome to the forum!

    You might also be interested in the International Families' section of this parent forum.

    Here's some information about using Time4Learning as an after-school supplement.

    I was thinking the other day about our new list of suggested lessons for summer learning. I was wondering if that list might also be good for using as an after-school supplement, since it was developed by pulling out the lessons that covered the very basics at each grade level. You might want to take a look at it. It's in the left sidebar when you log in to your parent account. Anyway, it was just something I was thinking about.

    It's ironic that homeschooling is illegal, yet it was necessary for you to go to the school every day last year, and you're needing to acquire a curriculum like Time4Learning to work with your child after school.

    Best wishes to you. We would love for you to stick around and share more.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: New Here and Figuring It All Out

    Thank you so much! Yes we are in a frustrating place at the moment regarding school. Luckily, due to some visa issues, her teacher from last year has volunteered to be her tutor, since she won't be able to work. So that will be more than amazing since they already know each other, and get along well.

    thanks for the links...will definitely check them out!
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    Smile Re: New Here and Figuring It All Out

    Hi LuckyLady,

    My hat off to you! It sounds like you are doing a great job as a mom to a special needs child; I am sure that it not easy, especially the school issues your daughter is having. Sad that Holland does not allow homeschooling; I grew up in Norway, but don't know if Norway allows it, either; I think Germany doesn't, either. I live in Oregon now, so I can legally homeschool my grandson.

    Keep up the good work - it sounds like you are a passionate advocate for your daughter!

    Greetings from Oregon.

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