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    Default New Here and Having some trouble

    I have 3 sons and have home schooled throughout their lives. Right now I'm home schooling my 13 yo and 8 yo. I'm using t4l with my 13 yo. I'm having trouble understanding why he is scoring so low on activities and quizzes. Neither have a link where I can see what he missed. Without sitting with him through every lesson, which is why I chose an online school so I don't have to, I have no idea how to help him. Anyone else have these issues?

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    Hello! Welcome! You know...that's tough. I definitely have days where there simply doesn't seem to be enough time for me to sit through all the lessons. If either of my boys (now grades 9 and 4) scored below a certain percentage on their activities or tests, they had to re-take them. Usually, the second time around they knew why they missed what they missed and they were able to chose the correct answer. On the rare occasion that the second score was still low, I made them go through the lesson again. At that point, I would have to sit with them. If they completed the lesson twice...really completed and not just clicked through it to get to the end...and still didn't understand, then it was a topic that needed me to sit with them. For further explanation, further supplemented resources, further practice, etc. It could be a case where maybe the grade level material is a little above the materials/curricula he used in the past. You could have him work on lessons in the grade below where he's at for a little while to see if those scores are any better?

    I'm sorry you're struggling with this. Has he been able to offer up any information as to why he thinks he scoring low? Is it too hard, or unable to engage him/hold his interest?
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