New High School Homeschool Mom in Illinois!!!
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    Default New High School Homeschool Mom in Illinois!!!

    Hello my name is Muriel and I am new to homeschooling. My High School son was struggling in his second year and I needed to help him asap so I decided to remove him from the public school and try to homeschool him. I'm praying this type of learning works for him. He's one of those children that prefers to work on his lessons alone with out a lot of students around him. I'm nervous. Any advice would be helpful.

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    Default Re: New High School Homeschool Mom in Illinois!!!

    Hi Muriel! It has been a while since you posted. How are things going with your transition to homeschooling? You may find some of the tips within this link useful for the process: 4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    Do you belong to a homeschool group? Since it sounds as if he would prefer not to be involved in a co-op you may try tapping his interests to find other teens he could relate to. For example -- there are groups for Minecraft, Legos, music or art... book clubs, science clubs, debate or even those military related groups. Sports are another option. More and more areas now offer homeschool teams -- some quite competitive! Involve your son in the process for what he would like to do to allow him to feel more in control of his educational opportunities!

    Another site you should bookmark is! It is filled with resources you can use from start to finish!

    Right now there is a Freebie February Share! All the High School Records you can use -- including templates for high school transcripts, college planners, community service logs and much more! You can access it here:

    Freebie February High School Records

    Check back in when you're able! Homeschooling can be such an adventure! Enjoy it!

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