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    Hello Everyone,

    I am starting tomorrow with my son who is 11, he has autism. He started hating school last year and we could not figure out why, he loved it so much before that. We recently moved and when talking to the new school special Ed teachers, they felt the old school had held Caleb back. I was so upset to tears; I prided myself in being very involved with his education in public school. But, found that things were not done correctly and he should have been main streamed when he was younger, which I requested many times.

    So, now that my son is 11, and on a second grade level, I have decided to home school him. I am very scared, and don't want to fail him, I have hopes of getting him caught up and make him enjoy learning again. I have been given so much encouragement by the county here in NC, and they feel like it’s a good choice, that the autistic class room he was in was probably a bad choice because he is high functioning and the classroom was full of distractions and caused him not to be able to focus.

    So here I am on a new adventure with my son, in hopes that I am going to help him because a success in school to prepare him for his adult life...

    I will take all the help..


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    Hi Angie, and welcome! Thank you so much for the introduction. It's nice to "meet" you.

    I'm sorry that you and your son had trouble with the school system, but it's nice to hear that you are giving homeschooling a try. And it's wonderful to hear that you have support from your county!

    It's completely normal to be nervous! I've been homeschooling my boys since 2005 and I get still get a little nervous sometimes, lol. You're going to do fine, and you guys are going to have so much fun!

    Here is a Welcome to Homeschooling guide that you might find helpful, as well as a Hints and Help page that is an excellent resource. If you are looking for other families who are homeschooling kiddos that are special/gifted, please check out our Special Needs forum.

    One last thing...I would like to invite you to join your state homeschooling forum. It can be a good way to meet others who are near you, and keep up with homeschooling happenings where you are.

    Always feel free to ask any questions you may have! Looking forward to seeing you around the boards...
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    Hi, Angie.

    Welcome to T4L and to homeschooling.

    Our daughter has Down syndrome. She attended pre-school, which was a wonderful experience. When she started pre-kindergarten at our local elementary school, I also started to homeschool her older sister, who was 5 at the time. I remember attending my first IEP meeting and thinking that I didn't want to do this every year...fighting for what I know she needs. I didn't like the strict structure and discipline in her pre-k class. She hated it. She cried each time I had to put her on the bus. We were miserable. I wasn't allowed to walk into the school without getting prior permission. I was used to going to her preschool whenever I wanted, unannounced. One day I brought my daughter to school late and I overheard the teacher speaking harshly to a student. Then came Spring Break. My daughter was so happy at home and she learned more in that week than she had learned all year up to that point. That's when I decided she was not going back to school. We've never looked back.
    Homeschooling just seems so much more natural for all our kids, but especially for our child with special needs. I know her best. I can work with her one on one. I can give her the special attention she needs. I know what she needs and how to teach it to her in a way that she will learn it best. I know when to challenge her and when to hold back. And since we found Time4Learning 4 years ago, she has flourished even more academically. She is getting her core subjects and she is having fun learning with the animated lessons. We can repeat lessons as often as necessary, since she needs a lot of repetition to grasp and retain information.
    So all this to encourage you that you are doing what is best for your son. We have bad days as well as good days, but that's natural. We work through the bad days...and learning happens then discipline issues, attitude adjustments, character training, learning how to deal with frustration, etc.

    Katie gave you a lot of great links. I would also encourage you to find a homeschool support group that is near you so you can get connected with other homeschool and like-minded families.

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums, Angie.

    having fun homeschooling and learning with our 3 kids using T4L and T4W

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    I AM GLAD TO HEAR YOU DECIDED TO HOME SCHOOL YOUR CHILD. I HAVE RECENTLY STARTED TO HOME SCHOOL MY SON. HE IS ALSO AUTISTIC HIGH FUNCTIONING ALSO. HE ALSO HAS ADHD AND IS VERY BRIGHT. THEY ACTUALLY CALL HIM A LITTLE GENIUS. THERE ARE NOT MANY SCHOOLS HERE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH AUTISM. THE SCHOOL MY SON WAS IN HE WAS ACTUALLY GETTING BULLIED BY TEACHERS AND STUDENTS. HIS SOCIAL SKILLS ARE REALLY BAD AND HE ONLY HAD A COUPLE OF FRIENDS WHICH ONE WAS PULLED OUT OF THIS SCHOOL AND SENT TO ANOTHER. I have always pushed my son to be the best he can and with lots of therapy and prayers he is now able to speak and is very smart. I know your child will do good and I know that you will be the best teacher/parent you can. A parent knows what is best for their child and I know they will one day really appreciate all the hard work us parents put in to help them succeed in life!

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