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    I my name is Cybil. I am mother to Caitlin- 16, Crystal-13, and Timberly-9. Caitlin is currently attending public high school. Crystal has been taking classes online (at home) through the school district. She has arthritis and it has greatly affected getting her to school everyday. I recently pulled Timberly from public school after a prolonged absence due to illness.

    I wanted to know about scheduling daily work for her. I understand that there are 2 options and I don't want to try to cram a year in between now and September. Option B seems a bit tedious though because I get to the page to actually look at the lesson plans and there are things from all chapters that I want her to go back over. She is actually in the 4th grade, but was in the gifted class so I put her in 5th grade LA. I put her in 4th grade Math to make sure she acquired her skills.

    Should I just start from the beginning of the year and only have her do the lessons, quizzes, and tests? Option B tips anyone?

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    Hi Cybil! Welcome! Personally, I think it would be easier to just start at the beginning and do the quizzes and tests. If a quiz isn't mastered, then they can go back and do the lesson. If they do well on the quiz, then they can just move on to the next chapter. But others may chime in with what works better for them. I'm a slacker and always about what's easiest.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted as to what you decide and how things are going with you!
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