New Home School Parent from Southern Maryland
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    Default New Home School Parent from Southern Maryland

    Hello everyone. I am a single (widow) mom of two boys. My oldest son has gone through so many issues in school and has asked me for the past year to home school him. I work full time, but I figured what the heck, gotta try it for his sake. He has been through bullying and other crazy mess. I moved him from school to school and now he is at "Mommy University" as he calls it and he is so excited. I signed up for T4L today. I figured I would start his "school year" in August since he is in camp all day until then. He will be in the 5th grade this year. My 3rd grader on the other hand LOVES school and being part of the various activities and asked me not to take him out so I didn't. I have no idea how I am going to pull this off, but I am determined to do whats best for my baby.

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    Welcome to! I am so glad you found an answer for your child. Time4Learning is a great program. Have you checked out state forum? That is where you can ask about the laws in your area. I know in Florida your homeschooler can participate in the extra activities. If you want them to. You just have to go through a process to do it. Maybe your state has the same thing????

    Good luck!
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    Hi, Mommyandtwoboys.

    I just wanted to welcome you to T4L and homeschooling. I'm so sorry your son has had bullying and other issues in school. Our oldest son went to public school, but we've been homeschooling our 3 younger ones from day one. I wish I'd done it with my older one, too. He was very active and social in high school and I was nervous about homeschooling that stage. Your other son may change his mind when he sees how socially active homeschooling can be. Our kids have yearbooks, dances, spelling bees, sports organizations, Drama club, and more.

    Let me share a link to Helps and Tips for using T4L. And if you look over to the right of this page here, you will find a free Homeschool Guide download for new homeschoolers.

    Lastly, I just want to add that once we decided to homeschool, I found a homeschool support group with helped me and my kids get connected with other homeschoolers. And of course, educating yourself on the homeschool laws of your state is most important. This is info that I also got through our homeschool support group, but you can find it online.

    Enjoy your homeschool journey. I look forward to seeing you here in the forums again! Feel free to ask questions any time.
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