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Thread: New to Home schooling.

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    Default New to Home schooling.

    My son was doing terrible in school with his grades. He has been home schooling for one month now and he is still making terrible grades. I think he has a learning disability in math and reading. I tried to get the public school to test him but they always brushed me aside. he has failed fifth grade twice the second time they went ahead and sent him to the sixth grade, he failed the sixth grade and they sent him on to the seventh grade. What can I do to help him to learn?

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    Hi Melissa. Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling and to time4learning. It's really hard when the schools keep pushing the kids further ahead when they haven't learned the material. You will probably want to drop back to a lower level of work. I would probably start back at the fifth grade level. When you talk to your son, don't mention that it is fifth grade work. He is doing level 5 work. As you know, it makes a real difference to their self esteem if they think they are failing. He probably has such a mindset now that he can't learn that he just doesn't care. You could even go back to fourth grade to see how he does. I would ease into the work slowly. Don't expect him to do school work for six hours a day. Even in public school they don't work for that many hours. Much of the time is spent lining up, taking attendance, getting everyone to settle down, lining up again, so many things like that. Often we can get more work done in one or two hours than a school classroom can all day.

    Many people take some time of deschooling when they first withdraw their children from school. Let him skip doing work for a while. Focus only on things that are interesting and exciting to him. Go to fun museums or play spaces. Historic sites can be great places for fun learning experiences. Join a good local homeschool support group. Stop on over at the Georgia Parent Forum. (Go to the drop down menu at the top of this page where it says state forums.) Try to relax as much as possible.

    You mentioned that you thought he might have a learning disabilitity in math and reading. One of the great things about time4learning is that you can work on different grade levels in different subjects. If he loves science, than maybe he can work on his grade level for science, but a different level for reading. My son is a reluctant reader so I downloaded Natural Reader for him. This program reads the time4learning lessons to him so he can focus on the material rather than struggling with trying to read it. Boys tend to be slower readers anyway. Do whatever you need to do to help your son develop a love for learning. Then go back and pick up the academics that he is behind on. He will catch up when he is ready.
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