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    Hi, this is my first year to homeschool my 10 year old daughter. She really enjoys the program but I need a little help with finding ways to keep her interested in Social Studies. I would also like to find others that homeschool around the Southern Illinois area (Gallatin County).

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    Hello and welcome!
    Social studies is a little difficult because it is not necessarily hands on. You could find some projects that would allow her to do a little independent art, along with the T4L SS lessons. I'm not sure what grade you have her in, but here is an example: if she is studying Civil War period, let her look for vidoes online that show how people dressed, or give virtual tours of battle grounds. Let her cook something that would have been popular during that period. One year when we were studying the medieval period, my daughter built a castle out of foam, including working portculis, she made a lance, a sword, and a shield with coat-of-arms. We had a medieval feast for dinner one night, which she helped prepare all day long (no microwaving LOL) and we went to Medieval Times Dinner Theater (ok, so it is not necessarily authentic, but it was massively exciting!) Just look online, you should be able to find some projects for whatever she is studying in social studies.
    Since you are new to homeschooling I would also point you toward the Welcome to Homeschooling guide and the Illinois State Forum, you might find others who homeschool in your area there.
    Let us know if you have questions or comments, and happy homeschooling!
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    We do a lot of visits to Historical Sites. There are so many in Southern Illinois you should be able to find a lot of places to go to help with her understanding of social studies. At least the historical aspect of it. Also we love the Chester Comics. You can get them from Usually it is buy 3 get one free. Each comic usually contains 2 to 3 topics.
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