New homeschool mom reaching out to other homeschool moms!
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    Default New homeschool mom reaching out to other homeschool moms!

    This is my first time homeschooling! I have done tons of research and have been so confused with all of the information! My daughter is in 6th grade this year and we have had a lot of trouble with the public schools (for many reasons) and thought I would give this a try. Any and all advice is welcome! We live in North East Georgia (in the mountains) and are desperately trying to find a homeschool group to do activities with and have other homeschool moms to talk to. If anyone knows of any, please let me know! I'm so excited to have found this website and can't wait for Carlee to get started and see if it's right for her. Thanks!

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    Hi Liz! Welcome! Georgia is a fairly easy state to homeschool in. If you'll check out the Georgia homeschool forum, you may be able to connect with other members who live in the state, and you can find links to outside sites where you can try to find local groups. You can also find information about homeschooling in GA (laws, etc).

    Good luck! I hope to see you over in the GA forum!
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