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    I am a New Home School Administrator in North Carolina. Home schooling my two middle school aged son and daughter. Things are definitely a lot less stressful now that I am calling the shots. I have noticed that several families in my area have turned to home school for one specific reason, the schools are getting ridiculous with their attendance statutes. Not to mention some of the children are very intimidating to others. I changed to home school for several reasons. I control the environment and there are no bullies.

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    Hello and welcome! I like the Homeschool Administrator, lol! The hubs and I call ourselves the Headmasters. Harry Potter fans. Here is a great resource for those new to homeschooling: Welcome to Homeschooling. Also, please make sure to visit our North Carolina homeschool forum and introduce yourself there. It's a good way to try and meet other homeschoolers near you, but also to try and keep up with homeschool laws/activities/etc around the state.
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