New Homeschooler in Baton Rouge, LA Area!!
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    Smile New Homeschooler in Baton Rouge, LA Area!!


    I have decided to pull my 2 6th graders out of their middle school last night!! We were living in Beauregard Parish and were pretty pleased with the schools there. We moved to the Gonzales area 2 weeks ago for my husbands job. The kids have been at their new school for almost 2 weeks and they both HATE it!! They have always liked school (not loved) and did very well. They are not comfortable at their new school and the atmosphere is not welcoming. I have looked at this program and the kids did the demos and both seemed to like it. Just wondering how to get this thing started?? Do I need to send a letter to the DOE Stating that I am a private school not seeking approval & send a with drawl letter to their school & request their transcripts before we start? Or can I start with the program and with drawl process at the same time? Is that all I need to do?? Do I need to tell them what I am using? How do I do the Leap test? We may try a different public school next year, so I don't think this will be a "long term" thing. But you never know!! Just need help/advice on how to start process & if any other home school parents are in my area.


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    It seems that you are required to send notice to send notice to the recorder or deeds or to the chief school officer.
    "each parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the child who causes his child to attend regularly a home school may provide to the recorder of deeds of the county where the child legally resides, or to the chief school officer of the public school district where the child legally resides, a signed, written declaration of enrollment stating their intent for the child to attend a home school within thirty days after the establishment of the home school."

    I would do this as soon as possible in order to make sure there are no claims of truancy for your children. However, you do not need to do this before they start working on time4learning. I like this link for information about homeschooling in Louisiana. I would check out the Louisiana Parent Forum for your other questions. They are much more knowledgeable about your state laws than I am. Find a good homeschool support group in your area. This is important for your piece of mind as well as for outings and friends for your children.

    Welcome to homeschooling and to time4learning. We are in our fifth year with this great program and we love it.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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