New Homeschooler in Chicago
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    Hi there, I'm Van, and I started homeschooling my daughter Kalyn this school year. We searched and tested for schools, and couldn't find a suitable option that would meet my daughters needs. After only a few months of homeschooling, I worried if I was meeting her needs since I wasn't using a formal curriculum. I was going to wait for the homeschool expo in my state, however it has been cancelled for this year. We aren't waiting, we are here now, nervous, yet excited and ready to learn.

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    Hello Van, and welcome! I think we were all nervous when we started...I've been doing this since 2005 and I still get nervous occasionally. Don't worry, you're going to be fine!

    My oldest son has been using T4L since 2nd grade, and is still using it for his 9th grade year this year. You didn't mention what grade Kalyn is in, but we have some grade level/stage specific forums here., If you wanted to poke around in those, you can see how other homeschoolers at the same stages are doing things. We also have state homeschool forums, if you wanted to join the one for your state, so you can try to find other members who are local to you.

    If you haven't already found it, here is Hints and Help page that I would like to recommend you take a peek at, so you can learn more about using T4L (lessons plans, activity scheduler, etc.).

    Always feel free to ask any questions you find yourself having, and of course, feel free to share your experiences too!

    See you around the boards...
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