New Homeschooler in NC, Need Info
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    Default New Homeschooler in NC, Need Info

    My name is Connie and I'm new to homeschooling, my 13yr old daughter, this year. She's in the 8th Grade. I need to know how to incorporate her IEP from last year into this homeschool plan? I also need info as to whether T4L provides End-Of-Grade testing or is that something parents must purchase separately? If so, where?
    I am married, work part time, and we have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. My husband works fulltime in Distribution and is also in the National Guard.Our kids are 27, 24, 23, 16 and 13. Our 27yr old is married, no kids and an EC teacher at area High School. Our 24yr old is married, 2 kids (boy and girl), and works fulltime with a stay at home wife/mother. Our 23yr old is presently engaged, works fulltime, and no kids.
    Thanks T4L for giving me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter!

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    Default Re: New Homeschooler in NC, Need Info

    Hi, Connie. Welcome to the forum!

    North Carolina requires annual standardized testing. Regardless of what homeschool curriculum you choose, you will need to arrange for testing yourself. If you use an online school instead of a homeschool curriculum, the school will arrange for testing. Time4Learning is not an online school. It is a homeschool curriculum. Many people mistakenly refer to online schools as "homeschooling", but there are big differences in the services provided by a school, as well as what laws must be followed and who is responsible for seeing that laws are followed.

    Here is a page that addresses standardized testing for homeschoolers.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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