new homeschooler with some questions and concerns...
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    Default new homeschooler with some questions and concerns...

    Hi, I started homeschooling my 8 year old daughter since January after years of struggling at school. Maths and English are her biggest struggles. She hates to write and cannot spell many words correctly. I love Time4Learning so far, but I miss writing practice and there is not enough work to do on paper. I try to compensate that, and looked into those writing programs (which are rather expensive compared to T4L). How can I help my daughter to learn to spell and write properly?

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    Hi milly7 and welcome! I piped in on your other post, but I guess we missed this one...sorry about that!

    We use SpellingCity for our spelling, vocabulary and even our handwriting. You can save and use word lists that other members have shared (and there are a TON!), or you can create your own word lists. Those lists can be used for practice, tests and games; and we make handwriting worksheets with them too. You can sign up, and use the site successfully, for free. But there is a premium membership you can purchase if you wanted.

    I think Pandahoneybee mentioned Time4Writing in your other post...I second that suggestion, lol. There are great free resources there, but you can also sign your daughter up for one of the writing courses offered. From the beginning elementary writer, all the way through high school; there's a lot there.

    Hope that was marginally helpful. Always feel free to ask any questions you have. Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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