New Homeschooler/Veteran Mom :)
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    Cool New Homeschooler/Veteran Mom :)

    Hi, just started homeschooling my nine-year-old, (3rd grade) starting in the middle of the year was not the ideal plan but here we are!
    Any advice from others who did the same would be much appreciated...
    Specific questions are:
    Where are the excerpts that are "provided" with the Language Arts Reading List? Can't seem to locate them.
    Also, Where are the chapter tests? Can't seem to find those either!


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    Hi. Welcome to Time4Learning and to homeschooling. I started in the middle of the year with one of my children in Kindergarten. For me it made no difference. Maybe because she was only in Kindergarten. I just met her where she was and started working from there. Because T4L gives you 3 grade levels to choose from for each subject, you can adjust where needed.
    To answer your questions about the excerpts and the tests, not every lesson has a LA Reading excerpt provided. And as for the tests, same thing. Not every lesson has a Test.
    You would need to log in to your Parent Admin Account at Time4Learning site. Look at the very top right-hand corner and click on Member Log-in. It will bring down a tab for you to click into Parent Admin Account. Once you are logged in, look all the way to the right at the box that has Parent Resources. You will find the Language Arts Reading List for each grade.
    As for the Tests, for lessons that do have tests, you will find the icon for tests at the bottom of the screen where the lessons are. There's a small Test icon, just like the Quiz icon.
    If you want to know which lessons have tests, again, under the Parent Resources you will find Lessons Plans. Click in there and you will find the lesson plans by grade and subject. In there you can find which lessons have tests. I don't see that any of the 3rd grade LA lessons have tests. However, the 3rd Grade Language Arts Extensions do have tests.

    I'm sorry if this was confusing. It's really very easy to navigate. It's just hard to explain. I'm a visual and hands-on learner, so I usually call T4L and have them guide me through it. If you didn't understand my explanations, you can call T4L. They are very friendly and helpful.

    Lastly, here is a link for Helps and Tips that may help you in navigating the site. (888) 771-0914

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums. You may also want to introduce yourself at you own State forum, if you haven't already. I've found that one of the best things I did when I started homeschooling was to get connected with other homeschoolers. I hope you find a local homeschool support group to get connected.

    Having fun homeschooling and learning with our 3 kids using T4L & T4W
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