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    Hi my name is Amber. I am going to try homeschooling my 5yr. old to see how it goes for the summer. I have her enrolled for kindergarten in the fall. but have always wanted to try homeschooling. I am very nervous and scared if I can do this. Have decided T4L because do not want to come up with my own schedule. How long each day do you all spend on T4L for a 5yr. old? She really loves to do the computer and could probably be on it all day. lol. Along with her 3yr. old sister. But I am only trying one child right now. Problem is they both like to be doing the same thing on the computer. Any suggestions as to how you plan out your day? Thanks for all the help and advice!

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    Hi Amber. Welcome to Time4Learning. For a five year old I wouldn't do more than 30 to 45 minutes on the program each day. At that age they really need to be learning by play and by helping/watching you. Let her help you with cooking, counting out the plates and silverware to set the table. Looking at letters on signs and packages. You could also get a pan of rice and let her trace the letters in the rice. My son had a lot of fun with this. If your little one wants to do "school" on the computer you could let her try something on or on Learning Games For Kids. The most important thing is to keep the learning fun.
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