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    Hello everyone. My name is Cyndi. I'm a mom of 5 and am homeschooling my 13 year old this year. This is the first time I've homeschooled. I fit into the Accidental Homeschooler category. I'm feeling a little panicked so, glad to be here and look forward to this being a helpful resource.

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    Hi Cyndi, and welcome to the forums! I am an accidental homeschooler as well. Pulled my son out of 1st grade in a fit of anger, not having any idea what I was going to do. Worked through, and realized it was the best accident we could have had, lol. That first grader is now in 9th grade, and we have never looked back or regretted homeschooling!

    Here is a Welcome to Homeschooling ebook you could read and bookmark. Has a lot of good information, especially for new homeschoolers, but it isn't overwhelming to get through or anything. There is also this Hints and Help page that can help you with the T4L site (lesson plans, activity scheduler, etc). If you're interested, there is also a South Carolina homeschool forum where you can try to find other members who are local to you.

    Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. You're not alone! Good luck, and have fun with homeschooling!
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