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    Cool New to Homeschooling

    I live in Woodbridge, VA. I have decided to homeschool my 7yr old and chose T4L but is feeling a little overwhelm because I am in the military which is continuous full time work... I knew it would be allot of work and I am prepared to do it but sometimes I feel like I might fail him somewhat. He does excellent with his work but also find ways to beat the learning system. I want to continue since I will be retiring soon, but do anyone have ideas on how to stay organize? I know I have the ability but lack the time.

    Well, God bless you all as he gives us the strength and knowledge we need to properly educate our children.

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    At seven years old he should be abe to do some of the work on his own. Do you have a sitter while you are working? The sitter could sit with him while he does his work. Each evening you can go to the backpack and check to see what he has done that day. I print out the lesson plans. At the end of our school day I write my son's scores on the lesson plan. You can also print out reports as often as you need them. I don't know what Virginia requires. You might want to go to your state's forum to check on this. My son was one of those who liked to try to beat the system as much as he could. He would just skip through the reading pages and tell me he read them. It shows up when he got a low grade on the test. You could have him write a few sentences to make sure he actually read the story.
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