New to Homeschooling!
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    Default New to Homeschooling!

    Hi Everyone, I had been kicking around the idea to homeschool my middle child (13 - boy) as he has struggled in PS his entire life and finally just did it! My 16 year old daughter is currently getting her GED/Diploma because she didn't do well socially/behaviorally in PS. She is academically above average though. Same for my younger son, he is incredibly intelligent but only doing average in PS and I'm considering bringing him into the homeschooling after this year is over.

    This is terrifying and confusing and I really hope I figure this out!

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    Default Re: New to Homeschooling!

    Hi there! Homeschooling can be nerve wracking, I won't lie, lol. Especially at first. But it can also be one of the most amazing decisions you make! We never intended to homeschool, but became accidental homeschoolers, and it turned out to be an incredible journey.

    Here is a free how to homeschool download you can snag and read through, with lots of advice and tips from veteran homeschoolers. I would also suggest checking out your state homeschool forum to read through any threads that might help you get started in your state.

    Good luck! You can do it! And always feel free to ask any questions you have on any of the boards here.
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    Default Re: New to Homeschooling!

    Katie offered some terrific advice for you! It definitely IS an adventure but one I would not trade at all!

    Since you are just starting out, here's another article with tips you may find helpful! (I know -- more reading but at least it is worthwhile!)

    4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    Please come back and let us know how things are going!


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