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    New to Homeschooling and attempting to home school my so who is severely ADHD and work outside the home, hoping for a better outcome for him!! Any suggestions appreciated

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    Hello and welcome!

    Here is a free how to homeschool download you can read through. Tons of advice and tips from veteran homeschoolers! Also, here is a great blog post about how Time4Learning works for so many families that encounter learning challenges (like the ADHD you mentioned) -- Special Needs and Time4Learning

    One more link (sorry, lol!) that you might find to be a good resource, this working and homeschooling group on LinkedIn. Parents from all walks of life (full time and part time, work from home and work outside the home, etc), sharing tips and strategies for making it work.

    Good luck! Please feel free to connect and ask questions on any of the boards here.
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    Hi & welcome to Time4Learning! Since you're just starting your homeschooling adventure you may find some of the tips in this article helpful!

    4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    Please be sure to come back and share how things are going!


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