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    Default New To Homeschooling

    I am a first time mom and my son just turned 3. Due to his speech delay and being autistic he is eligible for preschool here in KY. But after setting up all of his summer therapy we have decided not disrupt that when school starts in the fall. We are going to home school so we can keep his therapy the same and to make sure he gets all other services he needs.
    I am hoping that through this group I can get suggestions on curriculum. I have no idea where to start.
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    Default Re: New To Homeschooling

    Hi, Alicia! Welcome to the forum!

    Time4Learning is an online curriculum. Here is some information about the preschool curriculum and here are some demo lessons. Here is a sixty-second tour to show how things work, but the preschool level is a bit different. There are no reports, because there is really no point in "scoring" how many times a preschooler correctly identified the color blue, for example, since the point is to practice colors . . . not show how much they already know. Instead, your child's account shows how many times they completed each online activity. Preschoolers benefit from repetition, and this is a way to encourage them to practice. Also, the Activity Planner in your parent dashboard doesn't apply to the preschool program, since it isn't a matter of scheduling certain lessons for certain days and then considering them "finished".

    There are a lot of different homeschooling styles. If you use an online curriculum, you won't expect your child to be on the computer more than an hour a day, and you will probably want to split that up into two half-hour sessions. The rest of the time should be spent with blocks, Legos, sandbox, painting or coloring, Playdough, cooking, imaginative play such as cars or kitchen, and active play such as slides and swings.

    Other types of curriculum are textbook based (pretty boring for a preschooler), workbook based (also gets boring, but nice to add a few pages once in awhile), unschooling (just keeping educational things around and allowing the child to explore for themselves), classical homeschooling (reading classic works to your child and basing lessons on those; heavy on art appreciation and world history; lots of parent/child discussion), unit studies, and so many other choices. You will want to consider your child's learning style and your teaching style.

    I've used Time4Learning as my kids' core curriculum since 2006, and then we add in other things when we have time, so I consider us to be "eclectic homeschoolers" (which are people who use a little bit of everything). I like using Time4Learning, because I know all the basics are covered every day, even when I don't have time to add in other things. Also, all of the online work is graded for me and I don't sit down to a big stack of workbooks to grade every day. (Time4Learning does include optional printable worksheets for many of the lessons, with answer keys in your parent dashboard.) Also, my kids love it!

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    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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