New to homeschooling from Baldwin County Alabama
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    Default New to homeschooling from Baldwin County Alabama

    Found u guys while researching homeschooling options in Alabama and I sure am glad I did. We have a son with high functioning Aspergers who is suppose to enter middle school next year and we absolutely DO NOT want to send him. My daughter is in 4th grade and in gifted classes, however she is "sooooo bored" (her words) and is begging to be homeschooled. I have learned the hard way how awful Alabama's public school system can be and my husband and I feel we r ready to give homeschooling a shot for our children's sake. I have no idea where to begin to find a cover school that does not require specific religious requirements or is more hands off giving us more freedom to teach my son the way he needs to be taught in order to learn effectively. Any ideas??? I would like to begin the process ASAP and welcome any advice from u guys out there. Any other people have Asperger or autistic special needs kids that r being homeschooled? Glad I came across u and hope to be hearing from many of u with any ideas or thoughts u may have.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. You may want to check out the forums for your state and the forum for special needs. They would have a better idea on how to answer your questions. There is also a wonderful site called Secular Homeschooling. They have state by state forums as well as a list of resources.
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