New to homeschooling, just want to say hello and good morning!
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    Default New to homeschooling, just want to say hello and good morning!

    Good morning all!

    I'm new at homeschooling. The public schools in my area were not an option for my daughter as I felt that academically they were failing her. At the beginning of the school year my daughter was enrolled at a public school but had to be withdrawn due to health issues. When I contacted the school regarding her departure the principle explained to me that I could use her textbooks as they followed a homeschooling curriculum. He assured me I would get a lesson plan and also I would know of what the expectations were of where she should be by certain dates. Everything went smoothly for a few months, but once my lesson plans were all used and she had achieved what she needed by the dates required, January 3rd, I was told that I had to pay 400.00 to borrow the books and I also had to pay tuition for the time she was not there. I am disabled and my income is VERY limited. Basically we've been flying solo since. I've done a lot of research on online schooling and this is the best I've come across so far. It's both me and my daughter's hope that she'll be caught up and ready for 8th grade come the end of summer. It's going to be a LONG and difficult road ahead for her but I know she can do it.

    Recently, I found out that our state has no reporting requirements for homeschoolers. When she enrolls in school I have to bring in her progress reports. I also found out that she has to have 176 academic hours in each subject and 173 hours in physical education/health. I was never told about this and am totally up in arms as what to do about the phys ed. We've been studying overall health and nutrition and I'm hoping that the electives that I've chosen for her will help.

    Our tale is much much longer, but the details are boring. However, we are thrilled to finally be making progress and can't wait to get started!

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    Welcome to the forums. It does sound like you have been through a struggle. Schools will try to tell you anything. They want the dollars that they get from the state when your daughter is enrolled. Your best bet is to read and understand the law. As long as you are following the legal requirements for your state, you're fine. Sometimes it helps to send a copy of the law in return for any requests that they make of you. By the way, physical education is required but I see no where in the law where it says how much or how often. For my son, pe is riding his bike, running around the park with his friends, or playing soccer.
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