New to Homeschooling in NC
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    Default New to Homeschooling in NC

    Me and my husband came across time4learning. Our daughter is 5 yrs old and should be starting kindergarten for reason about the area we live in and unable to get her into a better school. So we decided to homeschool. I know this will be a learning curve for us but we have no idea where to start how to do a schedule? We would like to use time4learning as the main source of curriculum and then do work sheets and art activities and field trips to kids museum and science museum and places like that. We also have have the leapfrog leapreader pen a a bunch of books to use for that. If someone can suggest where to,start that would help out a ton.

    I was looking at the curriculum calculator and how would I set that up to get her going?


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    Hi Sara. Welcome to the forum.

    Your plan for your daughter sounds like a great one. Very similar to my plan when mine were younger (they are currently in grades 6 and 11!). Fortunately at that age, there isn't a lot that you HAVE to do. They learn all the time, everywhere.

    You don't have to use the curriculum calculator. While some do, many just start at the beginning of the grade level and do everything in the order that it's presented within T4L. There are arrows in the program that guide your kiddos, so they know what they have to do next, in each subject/chapter.

    If you really want to have a plan or a guide, the curriculum calculator won't tell you what to do, but it will tell you how many activities you child needs to do each day to finish in the time frame you selected. If you would rather set a detailed plan, that tells your child what to do each day, you can do that too. Those options, as well as helpful video tutorials are all located in your parent dashboard.
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