New to homeschooling, question about social interaction
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    Smile New to homeschooling, question about social interaction

    Hi! My name is Melody. My family is relatively new to homeschooling. We're in Maryland. My sons' ages are 12 and 10.

    I was wondering what do you all do to give your kids some social interaction with other kids?

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    Hi Melody, and welcome! Once you start looking, I think you'll be surprised with just how MUCH social interaction you can find for your homeschoolers. Even more than most public schoolers.

    There are groups like Scouts and 4H. There are team sports (some states allow homeschoolers to play on public school teams, for other states there are homeschool athletic leagues, local recreation departments, YMCA, etc.). There are educational programs (we don't live in MD, but in our state, they have a Nature Science program for homeschoolers). Many zoos, aquariums, history centers, museums and state parks have homeschool specific activities or homeschool days.

    I think I saw where you had popped in over at our Maryland homeschool forum, but just in case I'm mistaken, I would like to invite you to do so. That's the place where you can try and connect locally with other homeschoolers and find out more ways to let your kids interact with others!
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