New to homeschooling in So.Cal .... Feeling overwhelmed
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Thread: New to homeschooling in So.Cal .... Feeling overwhelmed

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    Default New to homeschooling in So.Cal .... Feeling overwhelmed

    my names Kristina and I got my girls started on a Time 4 Learning last we'd. I just keep feeling like I'm doing something wrong,or something's missing. I've done so much reading and research ,my brain just feels like much. Oh, my girls are 4th and 9th grade.

    any advice would be more than appreciated

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    Hello, and welcome, Kristina!

    Homeschooling can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. Is T4L confusing you, or homeschooling in general? It just takes time to find your stride with homeschooling. You might find this free e-book beneficial. Also, these hints and tips will make using T4L a little easier.

    If you have just started homeschooling, I suggest taking a big break to deschool (unwind from public school), then start slowly. The forums here at the Parent Community have lots of great advice, tips, encouragement, and resource ideas. Also, be sure to check your state's forum to see what is going on in your area, to learn about your state's homeschool laws, and to find new friends.

    Keep us updated.
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    The other thing I might mention is that reading a lot about homeschooling can sometimes make the process seem overwhelming. Sometimes the people who write all the homeschooling advice seem like they have the perfect homeschool. I know as a seasoned homeschooler I tend to give the advice I wish I had taken, not the advice that actually worked for us after much trial and error.

    I have a couple of pieces of advice, one Jackie already mentioned--allow for a decompression period. Homeschooling will be different from traditional school and it takes a bit of getting used to, especially if your kids are a little older.

    Second, be kind to yourself and your kids. Homeschooling is a lifestyle, not just an education choice, and it takes time for it to all work together (being not just mom, but teacher, principal, cook, cleaning person, and constant influence takes a lot of involvement from you!).

    Third, follow your "gut". You will be able to see if your children are learning. Believe that you will know when they are ready to move on, even if that means only one repetition on some topic, and five more repetitions than you planned on another topic. You will know when your kids are learning.

    One last know those "perfect" homeschoolers who have 19 hands-on activities each day, perfectly compliant children who do everything they are supposed to do, including chores and homework, without ever having to be asked or corrected, bake their own bread, make their own detergent, grow all their own food, make all their own clothes, and still have time to volunteer 50 hours a week? The reality is that those people don't exist every day. They might exist on the day they wrote the blog, or the on the play date at the park, but they don't have that idyllic life 24/7/365! Even they get overwhelmed, take mental health days, and drive through for fast food when they are over-scheduled. Homeschooling can work for you and your family, and it will never look like my homeschool, and that is the beauty of homeschooling! Best of luck!
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    Thank you both for your advice! Sorry it took me so long to respond, once I made the post I didn't know how to get back to it. On my profile page I thought it so 0 replies to your post. I didn't find it till I was looking for something else! But your advice is still relevant today, I'm still struggling and still trying to find our way in this new adventures! So thank you so much

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