New to homeschooling from South/Central Wisconsin
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    Default New to homeschooling from South/Central Wisconsin

    Greetings from Wisconsin and happy Sunday to all! We are in the Madison [outlying] area and recently started homeschooling our 6th grade son. I guess you'd call us "accidental homeschoolers". I've always been a little anti-public school just for the fact that it doesnt really work for us and our are kids (seems like a very harsh, degrading environment - but I kept trying to make it work). I'm hoping to find a homeschool group to join. I find it kind of hard to find a place where I really fit in. I movied around a lot as a kid, my [divorced] parents were extreme opposites (analogy: my father was a Roman solider and my mother was a high priestess) - OK, obviously that isn't true, but they were that different in their thinking. I think I've somehow taken their extremes and tried to blend them. The end result is that I'm a Roman Catholic hippie! Is that really possible? I don't really fit in with the heavily religious groups because I'm too "liberal" [I guess?], but I can't fit in a world without God either. (Though I totally support others belief systems, just don't like being rediculed for my beliefs nor being judged harshly when I struggle/question my own faith or church teachings.) It seems like there are some strong religious homeschooling groups in my area, but I don't think those are right for me or my family. (No offense to religious homschool groups. I'm sure you do very well by what you do.) I guess I'm hoping to find a group that is open to all faiths.

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    I can so relate to what you are saying. My parents were married for over 50 years and we only moved once during my childhood. But I still never felt like I belonged anywhere. No one else thinks like I do. Although I'm not religious, I definitely fit the hippie type. I actually spent a lot of time as a teenager in Christian hippie communes hanging out with the Jesus Freaks. There was a church by us that held Folk Masses every Sunday night. I thought they were the best thing ever.

    You will probably find that you fit in a lot better with the secular homeschool groups. There are some, although not as many as the religious ones. You can find a list of homeschool resources in Wisconsin here. You might also want to join the Secular Homeschoolers online group. I hope you find what you are looking for.
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