New To Homeschooling, Switching to T4L curriculum
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    Default New To Homeschooling, Switching to T4L curriculum

    Hello T4L families! I am so excited to see all the activity on this forum. We are a military family, 4 kids, one of our 9 year old sons is on the spectrum. We decided to homeschool for many reasons. Home schooling my ASD kid has been difficult but it was expected. I was very involved at the school he attended before and I watched what the teachers went through to keep him focused and engaged. So I knew being at home, which use to be his sanctuary, may cause conflict turning it into a part time school. The most difficult part was finding a curriculum that he would "want" to do and remain engaged in. We tried the demo lessons and he kept asking to do more so I knew we found the right now. We will see how this goes.

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    Well it seems my message was lost in cyberspace or something. Let's try this again.

    Hi and welcome to Time4Learning. I have a ten year old son who has not been diagnosed with any learning disabilities (because he has never been to school.) But I always say that he has the attention span of a gnat. I find that the best thing for him is to break things up a lot. I have him work for ten to fifteen minutes. Then take a break for five minutes. My son likes to do physical things like run around the house or ride his bike. Then he is able to come back and work for a few more minutes. Maybe at the next break he will get a snack or something like that. It helps him focus if he knows it is only for a few minutes. Often I will read his lessons to him while he builds with legos. This seems to help him focus as well.

    Please let us know if you have any questions that we can help you with. You might want to check out the California Parent Forum. We also have a Military Families Forum.
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