New to homeschooling and to T4L
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    Default New to homeschooling and to T4L

    Hi everyone. I am a grandmother raising my grandson with autism. We decided to homeschool because of Cody's severe anxiety and behavioral problems in the school setting. He is 13 years old and was diagnosed at 17 months. He is all over the place as far as his academic levels go so we are doing a lot of hit and miss lesson planning. Right now it seems that he responds to the way the lessons are presented in the lower class range ( 1st and 2nd grade) but he needs more challenging content. When we try to move to 3rd grade level and up materials are presented in a text book format and he does not respond. He needs picture supported lessons in the higher levels. Does anyone else have this problem? Looking foreward to input from others as we go along.

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    Hi there, and welcome! There are still some animated lessons in the upper level grades, but not as many as the lower levels for sure. Most programs get less animated as the grade levels get higher. I'm sorry that he's not responding well though. :/

    You may want to check out the special needs forum...that would be the best place to find other families who homeschool/use T4L with their learning abled kiddos. You can pick some brains and ask questions that veteran members may answer. There's also the Home School Families forum and the Members Chat on Using Time4Learning forum, where people chat about how they use the program, tricks they've learned, other materials/programs they use, etc.

    I saw where you introduced yourself in the Michigan forum, that's great! Hopefully you'll make yourself comfortable in the other boards too. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing you around!
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