New To homeschooling and T4L. Please help with ideas!!!
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Thread: New To homeschooling and T4L. Please help with ideas!!!

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    Default New To homeschooling and T4L. Please help with ideas!!!

    Decided to pull all 3 of our boys at Christmas break, 8,10,12 and homeschool. Very overwhelmed about tracking progress decided to try T4L. Please give advise or hints as to what makes this work and if there is need for supplemental work. My boys were A students and usually top of their class. My oldest was in Honors math and english with 99.8 in each, so I just want to make sure they are not going to get behind, and hopefully challenge them even more. Also, does the course give tests on a regular basis for test taking skills in general and to conclude on how they are progressing. So many questions, so little time.

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    First let me say welcome to time4learning and the wonderful world of homeschooling. For my son time4learning covers most of his basic learning needs. We supplement with lots and lots of field trips. That's one of the great things about homeschooling. The field trips are great and you can go places while the other kids are in school so they are not as busy. There are tests and quizes throughout the program. If you look at the lesson plans, I choose 6th grade social studies as an example, you will see a Q in the column marked type every time the is a quiz. They are usually short, ten to twenty questions.

    I would suggest you check out the Welcome to Homeschooling page as well as the Oklahoma Parent page. Feel free to ask any questions you have. We're all here to help each other.
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    One thing i do to make it challenging is to also include worksheets from another curriculum on days when there are none... i've gone back and forth with time4learning in the past as it didn't seem challenging enough for me...but with a workbook (for wexample ) you are also using a challenging curriculum so you know they're getting something everyday. i don't know about your state, but time4learning would be great for states that have trouble minding their own business...all the info can easily be printed right off! nothing to save. just relax, and remember to have fun. that is what learning is all about!

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    I think it is safe to say that Time4Learning is as challenging as it needs to be. Let me explain my thinking here. If my child would be in, say, 3rd grade in public school, and I had her working in 3rd grade T4L and it was not challenging enough, I would move her to 4th, or even 5th grade. I might have her in one grade for math, and another for language arts. (we are about to have that in reality, 5th grade social studies, 6th grade language arts, 7th grade science, 6th grade math)
    That being said, some children need the work book pages. Others don't. My child can't stand what she calls "mindless" repetition. She almost always gets it the first time through, sometimes the second, and is completely intolerant of work sheets for the purpose of having extra work to do. (Truth is, it would be easier on me if she would do worksheets, and I would have a lovely stack of paper work to show her progress )
    Other children need the repetition, or the re-enforcement of doing the same thing many times, or in different ways. That is the beauty of homeschooling...we do what we need to do to give each of our children the best education we can!!

    Happy homeschooling!
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