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    Cool New Homeschooling Working Mom

    Hi All!

    After 4 years of unresolved bullying at my son's school, we pulled him out and began homeschooling in April. We have been looking to ICHE for guidance and curriculum and program advice. There are many "purchase as you go" curriculum packs out there, however the first bit of advice from ICHE is to put relationship ahead of academics in the first year. Given that and given the trauma our son needs to work through and that he has missed much of his foundations in the last few grades. After much research, we found Time4Learning. It doesn't cost a fortune, covers all grade levels, and allows him to work and rework lessons until he "gets it."

    He started school a year early because there weren't seats available in Kindergarten. He was supposed to be going into 6th grade this coming school year, though his academic scores were showing well below his grade level. Because of this, we have started him over. Since April he has been working the Kindergarten program and finished it today with an A+ (97%)! Best grade he has EVER gotten!!!

    With both my husband and I working, we weren't sure we could make this work. Fortunately, our schedules give our son time to work on the online program and then when we are home we either take him to a social activity or I work one on one with him going over his work. After review the 1st grade program, I'm really looking forward to going over all the Language Arts Extension worksheets and class activities with him!!!

    I look forward to meeting other parents doing the same!

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    Welcome to forums.

    It sounds like you have found a great path for your homeschooling adventure. My son started using t4ling when he was in K. also. He loved the independence it gave him.

    I see you have already stopped by the Working Parents Forum? Have you seen the K -3rd Forum? There is so many different ways to get plugged in around here.

    I am glad you have found a great way to get your homeschooling adventure moving.

    Can't wait to get to know you better.
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